Now New! Pre-baked breads

You are not keen to work for hours on end in the kitchen? Then we have the solution for you: our pre-baked bread. You can order Alma, Hilde, Waltraud or Clara and they will be delivered almost perfect. All you have to do at home is to finish baking the bread in a preheated oven at 200°C for 12-15 minutes. Once cooled, you can either enjoy this fresh and delicious bread immediately or freeze it for later.

And if even that's too time-consuming for you, you can also pick up our bread freshly baked from the store every day.

Our pre-baked breads are delivered in a biodegradable fresh-keeping bag, which you can also use for fruit and vegetables.

Please note that our pre-baked bread must be baked within 2 days. Afterwards it can be frozen for longer storage.

Breads are only shipped Monday to Thursday! Orders received from Thursday and following will be shipped the following week.

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