You can only get this at BROTGEFUEHLE.

Finally! Gluten free in delicious. Promised otherwise money back!

Discover fantastic breads and baking mixes

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Delicious, otherwise money back

Gluten free



Reduced sugar

We are not the inventors of bread. We have reinvented it for you.

With our “ALWAYS SUCCESSFUL” baking mixes you can turn your home into a fresh bakery! With us you can enjoy delicious bread despite food intolerance!


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Brotgefuehle are gluten-free baked goods and baking mixes in delicious

Finally! Gluten free in delicious. This is only available at BROTGEFUEHLE:

Here in our webshop you will only find vegan wheat-free, gluten-free, lactose-free organic baked goods, patisserie items and bread baking mixes. Turn your home into your own fresh bakery.

The incomparable freedom of gluten-free bread enjoyment:
homemade baking mixes for baking at home.

Enjoy our unique, award-winning gluten- and wheat-free organic baked goods:
Handmade and oven-fresh, especially for those with food intolerances.
Find your varieties!

Organic noble chocolate couverture

with 70% cocoa content, delicately melting

Cia seeds

a real superfood with omega-3 fatty acids, plenty of protein and lots of minerals and trace elements

Hemp seeds

Superfood with all nine
essential amino acids, polyunsaturated fatty acids,
Fiber, iron, zinc, B vitamins and many other minerals and
vital substances

“Always works”: Our ready-to-use bread baking mixes for at home

  • vegan, lactose and gluten free; easy to bake
  • With the best ingredients such as amaranth, quinoa, chia and millet
  • DZG certified
  • Order in the online shop without waiting
  • Fast delivery 1 - 2 days after ordering
  • So easy to use

Wheat-free, oven-fresh, handmade, gluten-free organic baked goods for you in the store

  • Honest products that we bake fresh and crispy for you every day
  • Baked in a stone oven with high-quality ingredients
  • We are constantly developing new recipes with passion and attention to detail.
  • Premium quality gluten and wheat free breads and confectionery
  • in downtown Leipzig

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organic farming